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Ken Floyd has always loved a good story. As a kid, he rode his bicycle to the local library on hot Texas summer days and came back home with as many books as he could carry. He spent hours of those sweltering days transporting himself to other worlds and times through the voices of authors like Louis L’Amour. Eventually, he experienced the magic of making his own stories and characters come to life.

Floyd’s latest novel, Waves of Regret, begins with a terrorist attack on the Houston Ship Channel. The concept of the port area, a dredged channel lined with some of the world’s biggest oil and chemical refineries, as a target for foreign enemies has permeated his life. The location of the bombing described in the opening chapter lies within a few miles of Floyd’s childhood home. Growing up, he experienced several devastating explosions at nearby refineries, feeling the ground-shaking effects of the shockwaves and hearing the thunder rumble from the north. The accidents made everyone a little jittery and always evoked questions about the port’s vulnerability to attack. Of course, the enemy for much of that time had been the Russians, but after the first bombing of the World Trade Center, Floyd realized terrorist plots on U.S. soil had replaced the Russian threat. The prospect of an attack on the Port of Houston inspired him to write the opening chapter of Waves of Regret and to explore other possible terrorist objectives, leading this fast-paced thriller into the heart of America.

Floyd now lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two kids.

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