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Well, they tell me I need to say a bit about myself, here, so here goes!

I was born in St. Louis in 1955, and grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. There, the same imagination that makes me a talented writer today often got me into trouble. Thankfully, I survived, and some of my early adventures have helped to shape my life and, and now my work.

Over the years, I've held a number of jobs; I've been in law enforcement, sales, advertising, and auto repair, and served as a banker, reporter, radio talk show host, music producer, song writer, theatrical, movie and video producer, truck driver, taxi driver...well, you get the picture, right?

I'd written a number of short stories, poems and other things over the years, but I'd never felt I had time to write a novel. Well, all of a sudden I found myself handicapped, and had lots of time, so one day I sat down and started writing! And guess what? I found out what I should have been doing all along. I think that's the real secret to happiness... find out what you love to do, and do it, even if it takes you your whole life!

But writing isn't all I'm about. My experiences in the entertainment industry have left me with a love for movies, so my wife Kathy and I plan to produce Independent movies of my books for Internet broadcast.

Check out our Production Company at http://magicmirrormovies.com. And if you've ever dreamed of being in movies...well, there's a lot of undiscovered talent out there, so we'll be looking for new faces to cast as these characters we love so much.

You never know. Could be your big break, eh?

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  • The Survivor Chronicles: Book 1, The Upheaval (Serial story #1) on July 13, 2013
    (no rating)
    The characters are well developed and engaging, quickly capturing the reader's attention and sympathy. And the story line is exciting; you read on because you know there's yet another surprise in store, and can't wait to see what it will be! However, this book is an example of one that would have benefited from the services of an editor. Punctuation is weak, and there are far too many instances of improper word usage ("you're" instead of "your", "to" instead of "too", etc.) I encourage the Author to continue writing, but little things like these will irritate many readers and can keep a great story (which this one is!) from reaching its potential.
  • Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing on July 13, 2013
    (no rating)
  • Kyrathaba Rising on Aug. 25, 2013

    Kyrathaba Rising is science fiction at its finest. I've been a devoted reader of authors like Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke Bradbury and others since childhood, and all I can say is that there is a new name to be added to that roster--William Bryan Miller. The story begins after an invasion by aliens that has driven the remnants of humanity underground, and focuses on a few individuals who seemingly escape their dire reality by entering a virtual world of magic known as Kyrathaba. But have they truly escaped, or are they merely pioneers, preparing the way for the rest of their remaining fellows? The story is so well-written that it is almost impossible to put down, and I found myself reluctant to work when I could be reading. The plot is structured, unlike so many recent books that seem to jump from one confusion to another. I have not read a sci-fi book so well constructed since Foundation, or Heinlein's Lazarus Long series. The ending leaves the reader slightly confused, but I suspect that this is due to the complexities of the plot. There are things that even the protagonists seem unaware of, and it will make the second book in the series even more complex as the author resolves those issues. Despite this, I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction, and anyone who wonders just where humanity is actually headed. Some of the concepts within this story make one pause and wonder, could this really be in our future? Don't cheat yourself out of one of the best reads you'll ever find. Read Kyrathaba Rising, and you'll be waiting with baited breath for the sequel, just as I am.