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My most recent collection is Fiends By Torchlight, which was published by Annihilation Press in 2007, and one of the original stories, "High Moon," will be reprinted in Best Horror of The 21st Century: The First Decade (Wicker Park Press). My Stoker Finalist novella "Lover Doll" was reprinted in Necro Files: Two Decades of Extreme Horror (Comet Press). "Rail Rider" appeared in J. N. Williamson's The Illustrated Masques (Gauntlet Press), and my novel, The Holy Terror, and a collection from 1995, With Wounds Still Wet, are available on Kindle (CrossRoads Press). The original edition of my meta memoir, Proactive Contrition, and Can I End Now? are both exclusive works published in Germany by Blitz Verlag and Voodoo Press.

I am currently writing a crime novel, City With No Second Chances, which features Frank St. Cyr and is a sequel to the short story "The Shank of The Night". I've started a series of dystopian stories with their beginnings set in the recent future fraught of our current political climate, the first of which is titled "A Once-Told Tale", with a nod to Nathanial Hawthorne.

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