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Dianna Dann Narciso lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her husband and three sons. She writes fiction under various pen names, including Dana Trantham, D.D. Charles, and Dianna Dann.

As Dana Trantham, she writes fantasy adventure for all ages and children's books. Her series "The Kell Stone Prophecy" is under way with "Children of Path" (ISBN: 978-1-938999-00-0) and "The Wretched" (ISBN 978-1-938999-06-2)

As D.D. Charles, she writes paranormal humor. Her first book is "Zombie Revolution" (ISBN: 978-1-938999-01-7) in which a zombie falls desperately in love with a vampire and thwarts a vampire plot to hack the heads off all the zombies and take over the world.

Her next book, "JoJo's Ghost" will be published soon.

As Dianna Dann, she writes women's contemporary and young adult fiction. Her first book is "Camelia" (ISBN: 978-1-938999-09-3) a haunting story of depression and suicide.


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