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  • The New Year's Masquerade on Dec. 01, 2013
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    The New Year's Masquerade is the next awesome work from Elise Marion. Sasha is in love with her best friend, but he is a love them and leave them kind of man. So she doesn't think that there would ever be a chance for them. Orlando has feelings for Sasha too, but he knows he isn't good for her. Can they carry on being friends or will they try and make it work? I've known men like Orlando and Elise does a brilliant job of writing from a man's point of view. She captures her characters feelings and you feel what they feel.
  • Lost Innocence: The Accused. Part One on Sep. 05, 2014

    I have to say for a book out of my usual genre, this one kept me hooked from the first page. Michael is in Thailand to flex his artistic muscles and draw whomever he finds. That lands him in the middle of being accused of a crime he didn't commit. What helped this story take off, is that I have heard of some of the things that go on in Thailand and have seen shows about the "Bangkok Hilton", that is one scary place and Mr. Palmer did a fantastic job of describing how a place looked and what people looked like so I got a very clear image of each person in the book. When Michael refuses to take a pay off deal, he meets John. John is from Australia and charged with drug smuggling. The two form a strange bond over being in prison. When people arrive to help Michael out, they learn that he is not prepared to take the easy route. Frustration, concern, the surprising touching moments in the book just wrapped it all up in an awesome little package for me! I cannot wait for part 2!