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  • Jade and the Deva – Book One: HIDDEN WINGS... by Keith Tutor and Jade Fishburn on April 17, 2013
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    I took my time reading Jade and the Deva. It was a little out of my normal genre, that being said I would recommend this book to readers in the YA set to adults! This is a tale incorporates s "green" theme without beating you over the head about it. The characters are well thought out and easy to fall in love with! With touches of things magical, and mysterious ordinary and extraordinary most readers will find a place to "fit in" with this book. And yes, I am being vague..I want you to read about Jade and her journey and her friends and fall in love! There are so many good points in the book, that everyone really needs to read and share this with a friend! I know I felt better after reading Jade and the Deva!
  • The New Year's Masquerade on Dec. 01, 2013
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    The New Year's Masquerade is the next awesome work from Elise Marion. Sasha is in love with her best friend, but he is a love them and leave them kind of man. So she doesn't think that there would ever be a chance for them. Orlando has feelings for Sasha too, but he knows he isn't good for her. Can they carry on being friends or will they try and make it work? I've known men like Orlando and Elise does a brilliant job of writing from a man's point of view. She captures her characters feelings and you feel what they feel.