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  • Fun with Dick and Shane: Memoirs of a Houseboy on Sep. 28, 2020

    I didn't expect to get sucked into this book. One moment I was trying out the first few pages, several hours later it was past my bedtime. This is a fun read - even when you're groaning, knowing Gilli is about to do something impulsive.
  • Brother Dear on Oct. 01, 2020

    Taboo. Dark. Heed the triggers and warnings before reading. If the warnings are of interest, this book is for you! This is everything you want in a dark, kinky story. It flows well and you feel with the characters. Devin has clearly gone off the deep end and takes it out on his brother, Mateo, who he felt was abandoning him. Each of them twisted up in their own way. Off to stay up way past my bedtime and read the next one.
  • Brother Mine on Oct. 02, 2020

    Dark. Taboo. Kinky. Now that that is out of the way. This book has the perfect ending. It's what I wanted to happen and I loved it. I loved Mateo and his way of coping and trying to get through. I love Mike being there even though he wasn't sure at first. And I love Devin being out of his MIND. Perfect conclusion.
  • For Your Own Good on Oct. 17, 2020

    Very hot, quick read if you're into the kinks warned about. Know what you're about to read and you'll get exactly what you expect.
  • Free Pass on Halloween Night on Nov. 20, 2020

    Halloween night means anything goes, right? This is a short, hot, and kinky story. If taboo isn't your thing, move along!