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Wendy Strain has academic degrees in English, education and graphic arts coupled with 15 years of freelance and career writing experience in journalism, blogging, business and grant writing. She has a strong desire to share the enjoyment and deep discovery of self and others that can be experienced through the various fields of study she's explored. The ideas she’s discovered through her non-fiction work is reflected in her works of fantasy and fiction.

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Smashwords book reviews by Wendy Strain

  • Rhythm in Blue on March 14, 2011

    Through vivid detail that quickly and thoroughly transported me onto a Greek island and into the lives of characters I would never know, Parks has presented an imperfect world in which the struggles to find fulfillment are shared by all. Despite material success and the appearance of having it all, these characters emerge as flawed and unsure as any of the rest of us. Highly sensual at times and always engaging, I wasn't ready for the story to end.
  • Hope(less) on Jan. 07, 2015

    Melissa Haag is a masterful storyteller creating an interesting world that seems both real and unreal at once in Hope(less). The pages almost turn on their own as the reader gets lost in Gabby’s world and concerned about what will happen next and how she will retain her sense of independence in spite of the various attempts by others to direct where she will go and what she will do. Rather than being the typical control issues, Gabby’s directors claim to only have her safety in mind, but whether she can trust what they say or not is another matter. Eventually, it will be up to Gabby to discover the meaning behind the sparks she sees, what they have to do with her strange ability to draw men to her whether she wants their attention or not, and how that might figure into the werewolf society. There's more detail in the review on my blog, but I'm excited that the next three books of this six book series are already available!