Kira Delaney

Smashwords book reviews by Kira Delaney

  • Jacinto's Voyage on Aug. 21, 2012

    very well written sci-fi/romance. i'm horrible at reviews, but i loved this book.
  • Knight Errant on Sep. 07, 2012

    KD is a fantastic writer, i loved every second of this book.
  • Blood-Red Butterfly on March 12, 2013

    i enjoyed this book
  • Captain's Boy on April 14, 2013

    another fantastic book from K.D.! this a prequel to Knight Errant, and tells how two of the shipmates (Donte & Selene) met. while it lives in the romance genre, it's also a story of strength & survival. Donte's on-planet at college when the boy he's tutoring is sold to slavers. He & Selene sign onto a spaceship crew to chase after him. things i love about K.D.'s writing: it's wonderfully easy to empathize with her characters (in all her books), and even though this story exists in a sci-fi environment, she doesn't overdo the tech.
  • Not Microwave Safe (A Halloween Story) on April 14, 2013

    a fun little vignette for haunted house lovers
  • Screw the Fags on May 14, 2013

    Loved it!
  • Blooming Marvellous and collected stories on July 05, 2013

    i love all of josephine myles characters. they always have the perfect blend of vulnerability and strength. some of these stories i already have in the original collections, but i like having them all in one collection, and it was fun to rediscover them
  • The House at Cobb End on Sep. 15, 2013

    great side story in the series...
  • Fuzzy on Sep. 15, 2013

    i love these characters, the whole trilogy is wonderful
  • Hainted on March 11, 2014

    loved the world building, great story.
  • Remnant: a story by Jordan L Hawk & KJ Charles on March 11, 2014

    enjoyed this story thoroughly even though i haven't read the associated series yet. but now i will!
  • Necropolis on May 23, 2014

    love this series
  • Stormhaven on May 23, 2014

    amazing series
  • Heart of the Dragon on May 23, 2014

    i enjoyed this short would be fun to read further adventures of these characters
  • Hunter of Demons on May 23, 2014

    i can't wait to read the rest of the series
  • Master of Ghouls on July 19, 2014

    love this whole series
  • Eater of Lives on July 19, 2014

    love this whole series
  • Destroyer of Worlds on July 19, 2014

    so this series!
  • First Impressions on July 19, 2014

    love these characters
  • Last Chance on July 19, 2014

    love these boys!
  • Heart Trouble on July 19, 2014

    love it
  • Once Upon A Haunted Moor on July 19, 2014

    great story! can't wait to read the rest of the series
  • Summoner of Storms on July 20, 2014

    fantastic end to series 1!!!
  • Tinsel Fish on July 22, 2014

    this is a brilliant series. fantastic ghost stories & a lovely romance
  • Don't Let Go on July 22, 2014

    i can't even begin to express what brilliant bloody series this is. exceptional ghost stories, and Gideon & Lee are fast becoming one of my favorite couples to read about.
  • Kitto on July 25, 2014

    i LOVE this book!!! excellent heart was pounding i was so wound up during the high dramatic peak of the story. i hope there are several more books to come in this series ok...and i adore Gideon & Lee
  • Another Place in Time on Oct. 04, 2014

    every single story is a jewel in this crown i loved every page
  • Bloodline on Oct. 12, 2014

    Jordan can do no wrong, apparently. this books is just as brilliant as all her others. you should read the whole series
  • Wolf Hall on Nov. 14, 2014

    Gorgeous! i think the that Harper makes language magical, from the very start i was drawn into the story
  • A Midwinter Prince on Nov. 28, 2014

    Harper's writing is so smart and beautiful, this story is fantastic.
  • In Search of Saints on Jan. 19, 2015

    excellent! i love Harper's meld of history, magic & romance.
  • Restless Spirits on Jan. 19, 2015

    fantastic start to a new series! can't wait for the next book!
  • Let the Good Times Roll on Oct. 05, 2016

    i love this series! a great ghost story.
  • Station House Six : A Night Wars Story on Oct. 05, 2016

    another great book in The Night Wars series, loved it!
  • Fallow on Oct. 11, 2016

    another great book in the series!
  • Hexslayer on Oct. 09, 2017

    Loved it!