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I entertain people with stories. When I’m not writing, I’m out looking for new sources of inspiration. I love adventures, no matter how big or small, and I’m always up for trying something different, perhaps even kinky. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering even though I’m really pursuing a career in writing, editing, and other publishing related fun stuff. I even volunteer my time at an indie bookstore.

If you like my fiction, it’s all set in the same universe, across time and space. It’s like the story never ends. Visit my story guide at

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Smashwords book reviews by Adrian Fridge

  • Bloodraven on June 17, 2014

    I’m highly impressed. The author does a fantastic job at not only avoiding overused tropes but also balancing the story and the sex. What you have here is a High Fantasy novel that isn’t afraid to be graphic, in both the depictions of sex and of torture… but mostly the sex. It’s long, but it doesn’t drag. It’s not perfect (could use more editing), but it’s addicting (f*** the editing). It’s the sort of thing I’ve been wishing more Fantasy novels would do, which is why I’m throwing all the stars at it. Full review at