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  • With This Ring, I Thee Dread on June 03, 2011
    (no rating)
    A slower paced story compaired to some of Mrs. Nordin's other story. Seems that it takes 200 pages to build the plot but only 20 pages to get to the romance in the story. I did like the book but really was slow moving. Possibly there should be a story about the robbers. It was really sweet of them to have a meaning to their robbing. I would like to see what happens to those silly so called friends of his. At some point they should grow up. Possibly turn on each other for the sake of love???? I am excited about reading Brave Beginings. I read the prelude to the book and excited to read what happens to the rest of the story.
  • What Nathan Wants on June 03, 2011
    (no rating)
    Started like some others with the free books then moved on to purchased books. Love the stories. Recommend them to several other ebook readers. Glad they can start with the free books first. They will be hooked too. Just finished reading With This Ring I Do dread. Different but see where they fit together. Ready to read the next stage in the stories. I love the idea that the characters are well written and can be tied together from one story to another. It helps you identify with them and build a better understanding of who they characters are. For some reason I always read the stories out of order but when I read on it usually makes better understanding of the characters. Take a look at her web sight you get a even better understanding of the time periods on her other books. You did a great job Mrs. Nordin on the web page as well.
  • Bride of Second Chances on April 13, 2012
    (no rating)
    What a great story about love after love has left you. Ruth did a great job in helping you understand the characters feelings. Being an adopted child myself I cold help but cry along with each of them in the moment of reading they were crying. Found it hard to put the book down wondering what was going to happen next. Just goes to show you that God is not done yet. HE has a way of working things out when they look like nothing else will work out. Thanks Ruth for such a lovely story. Can't wait to finish reading "To Have and to Hold". Keep up the great work. Some of us need the reminders that your stories offer. THANK YOU!!!
  • Suddenly a Bride on April 13, 2012
    (no rating)
    Janes books are almost euphoric in state. You can't help put to become apart of the book and feel the joys, sadiness and love the characters feel. You shed tears of joy and pain as if they were you own joys and pains. In this story Ruth is talking about a being from another planet. Yet she helps you understand how it must feel for "aliens" (people from other parts of this world) feel getting use to our customs and our play on words. She helps you to understand something so strange as love isn't something that we have complete control over and have to trust others to help us and guide us. I know that God can do all thing, but we all have those moments when we say "God are you sure he/she is the one for me?" And as soon as you let HIM do his work it all comes to the Goodiness it is suppose to be. I took a break for awhile because I had read all of Ruth's stories and was left feeling empty and alone for a bit. Now that she has more stories my husband is happy that I am back to reading and actually more at peace with him. From him to you Ruth, he says "Thanks YOU!!!!"