Mira Prabhu


I was born in India and moved to New York in my twenties. It was during my tumultuous years in Manhattan that I first became fascinated by eastern philosophy’s power to transform the genuine seeker.

So, during the freezing winter of 1993, I began to write WHIP OF THE WILD GOD, a novel of tantra set in an ancient civilization reminiscent of India's famous Indus Valley Civilization. I completed this novel—believe it or not!—twenty years later, in the shadow of Arunachala, the ancient hill considered by millions to be the God Shiva incarnate.

Three more novels are currently simmering in my consciousness--COPPER MOON OVER PATALIPUTRA, set in the time of the magnificent Mauryan Empire (300 BCE, India); KRISHNA'S COUNSEL, a contemporary novel (the genre: metaphysical crime fiction!), set both in India and New York, and a third, untitled, in which I intend to present the spiritual "view" necessary for seeking moksha, or enlightenment--a unique and perhaps controversial view I have garnered from my travels and study all across the globe--from south India to Manhattan, to the foothills of the Himalayas, Europe, and finally back to south India.

I now live in the deep south of India, hanging out with my divine canines, Kali and Aghori, delighting in my growing garden, and continuing to mine my own creative and spiritual potential.

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