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Steven Jennings is a TV Producer, with a Master of Science degree in Education. He has experience in Marketing, Television, Radio and writing. He has created various artistic projects, including his first and most successful, The Cipher Show. Steve also has experience in the military, where he served active duty in the United States Army from 1992-1994 and the inactive reserve from 1994-2000. The Cipher Show was an entertainment news and music video program which originated in Southwest Florida, October of 2001. The first market it ever appeared on was WEVU, which was southwest Florida's UPN affiliate. It was created to empower aspiring entertainers. Steven had no experience in television production at the time he created this TV show, he was working for At-Risk youth programs by day, and trying to help young people achieve their dreams. After promoting talent at special events in the community, he eventually decided that television was the best vehicle to use in promoting talent, and thus, The Cipher Show was born. The Cipher Show was dormant for a year (2002-2003), then resurfaced in Chicago as a Hip-Hop radio show in 2003-2004, on WYCA 102.3FM Radio, and then in Los Angeles in 2005 on KJLA channels 33 and 57. Steve Jennings was the Guerilla Producer behind this project and labored carrying The Cipher Show, literally by hand, from state to state on a mission to reach National Television. In Los Angeles, Steven Jennings aka Mikey Jukes Produced the First 3 Episodes of The Cipher Show on a budget of less than $100 per show. In the spring of 2004, Mikey Jukes created Win Your Own TV Show, which was a reality TV show to seek a continuous flow of hosts for The Cipher Show. He recently wrote White Heat Beast, the first of four novels, in hopes of it one day becoming a film. The first book is intended to introduce the main characters, and set the pace for the following books, which will be action packed from cover to cover.

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