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In Greek mythology there is a legendary bird, The Phoenix who lives 500 years. At death the bird explodes into flames, and then from the flames The Phoenix rises anew. Nigel Lamont Jackson is a Phoenix. His life was destroyed and his destiny denied him, but from the ashes he rose: The man he is determined to be.

Born on September 19, 1970 Nigel led a relatively uneventful and disappointing life throughout most of his youth. At 13 years old he would break into cars and sell the electronics to help his mother put food on the table for him and his four sisters. He left high school early and sketched out a living selling drugs and hustling novelty items door to door. Like many urban African-Americans Nigel found employment outside the conventional system. As business picked up Nigel grew fascinated with the attention the new lifestyle brought him.

Aware of the dangers that lay ahead Nigel was told by his stepfather to get a job or out of the house. In 1992, he landed a job at a Color Tile and Carpet store in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. It lasted just eighteen days. It was not that he couldn't do the job in fact, he was very successful. Nigel only showed up on time twice in his short eighteen day career. This would have been irrelevant except two days after Nigel was fired April 12, 1992 co-worker Brian Moore was murdered during a robbery of the carpet store. Although nothing suggested that Nigel was the robber /murderer his recent firing led the police to arrest him. At trial the witnesses all agreed that Nigel was not the murderer, but in life you never really beat a murder charge. Nigel's life was forever changed. He struggled to get employment, and when he did get a job, he was fired as soon as the Columbus police had a talk with his employer.

Black balled from the local job market, Nigel chose the path of least resistance. He became a drug dealer and a very good one. Like most drug dealers, Nigel took a hit and was sent to an Ohio prison for possession of crack cocaine with a six year sentence.

In 2005, after his release from prison, Nigel began rebuilding his life. Little did he know fate would intertwine him with a notorious drug gang the government was already targeting, called "The Brittany Hills Posse".
Nigel used his street savvy and penitentiary education to build a multi million dollar real estate firm, "Creative Investments LLC" but his thirst for fast money and peddling narcotics would soon become unbearable. Leading Nigel back to the hood reconciling with some of his old crew.

Enlisting the help of several new street level hustlers, Nigel formed a drug trafficking conglomerate he formidably named "The Breitling Boys" ability to finance, import and distribute large quantities of narcotics accumulated profit margins that would rival some of today's largest fortune 500 companies. With newfound aspirations to enter the garment industry Nigel founded Devha' a high end woman's clothing line, that celebrated the strength and success of today's business woman.
After networking with several boutique owners and fashion designers during fashion week in NYC, Nigel was able to secure distribution in shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California and the garment district in New York City.

To catapult the Devha' name brand Nigel began exploring the hip hop fashion week circuit where he cross promoted Devha' merchandise. The concept was so successful in Columbus, Ohio with stars like Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Keisha Cole, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Whispers, Temptations and many more. Other clothing distributors commissioned him to start fashion shows/concerts in larger markets such as Detroit, Chicago and Phoenix.

Although Nigel's accomplishments and success in the world of fashion, entertainment and real-estate was trend setting; all good things come to an end. His came in the form of a federal RICO statue indictment. Follow Nigel Jackson's account of his involvement and subsequent arrest conviction and sentencing in the new best reader, "The Brittany Hills Conspiracy, Papa Joe's 177 Days on the Run".

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"The Brittany Hills Conspiracy is one of the boldest accounts ever written about a federal conspiracy."
Don Diva magazine

"The Conspiracy, is a how to navigate through the federal prosecutorial process."
XXL magazine

"Papa Joe is arguably the best urban tale of drugs and corruption ever put in manuscript form."
Columbus Monthly magazine

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