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Rea Nolan Martin spent 20 years as a writer, creative director, and creative consultant to advertising and PR agencies in Chicago and New York before engaging full-time as a freelance editor, teacher, blogger, and author of literary and visionary fiction. She is the author of two novels, THE SUBLIME TRANSFORMATION OF VERA WRIGHT (2009) and MYSTIC TEA (2014), as well as short stories and poetry published in national literary magazines and anthologies. MYSTIC TEA is the recipient of the 2014 Independent Publishers IPPY gold medallion and US BEST BOOK award for Visionary Fiction; the 2014 PINNACLE gold medallion in the category of Literary Fiction; and a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards. Her highly anticipated new novel, THE ANESTHESIA GAME, will be released in September 2015. Her full bio, as well as blogs and author info, are available on the website

Smashwords Interview

Why do you write?
I write for the thrill of creation--putting an idea into the world that didn't exist in quite the same way before. Writing for me is a spiritual, transformative process that derives from the soul and connects me to God. Of course I always strive to make a connection that turns it into a meaningful story that people enjoy.
Mystic Tea has a thread of female empowerment. Please explain.
Empowerment of women in a religious and spiritual context is a theme of mine, yes. The older women in MYSTIC TEA vowed obedience decades ago to their church superiors, who were all men. As the number of these male clergy dwindled, there was by necessity less and less supervision of the women's rural monastery. At the opening of the story, the Sisters are wandering around without purpose or meaning, independent of external authority in all but name. Confused and burdened by a sense of abandonment, the women are further burdened by an Official Investigation of their practices by the Vatican, which of coruse threatens their entire way of life. (This is a situation that is actually taking place in the American Roman Catholic Church.) As time goes on and hostility compounds, the women are forced to decide where their loyalty really lies and if not with the men who rule them, then with whom? As they are forced further and further into this crucible, they see themselves more clearly and are able to separate their spirituality from their corporate faith. This is what wakes them up. This is what empowers them.
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