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I'm Amanda or wiccawitch4. I have a wonderful husband (Rodney) and four wonderful children (June-16. Rodney-Tristan-14, Brennan-12 and Lilyanna-9). I live near Ottawa in a little town called Smiths Falls in Ontario, Canada. To see more about me and my family go to

I love Books! I love to read and I love to talk about them. Supernatural books are my favorite but I do like just about any type of book, the more unusual the better being a pagan I like to read Celtic or Pagan stories. I like fallen Angel stories too cause I seem to have a Gothic fascination that drives my husband crazy and that my kids I love anything with a good love story tie in but then who doesn't right? who doesn't love action and love together. Nora Roberts is one of my all time favorite Authors but as you can see from the collection of books on my site I love a lot of authors. V.C. Andrews Original books rocked and I have the entire sets! I love historical books as well some that have action, adventure and romance but also you learn some history all at the same time.

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  • Molly's Sexual Curse on April 28, 2013

    I liked it. The whole Master and Submissive was a little on the cheesy side for me but the love story part of it was true and well written. I loved how the relationship between the characters developed and grew. A great book if your looking for something short and sweet to wet your appetite for some Paranormal erotica.
  • Project ELE on July 14, 2013

    Wow! best Book EVER! I couldn't put it down at all! I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline. The post apocalyptic world and the circumstances that resulted from it were amazing. Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels out did themselves with this story, it had heart, courage and a great sense of Adventure! and the ending was the best! talk about your It isn't very often that the main character is my favourite I usually go for one of the other behind the scenes characters, but this time I couldn't help it I totally feel in love with Willow she was spunky, fresh and a all around amazing kid. I of course loved all of Willows friends including the sexy Conner and Alec. I really enjoyed Claire as well she reminded me a lot of a friend I had in school, shy and perky. I really hoped that Conner and Willow would hook up when the book started but you soon saw it was only Claire that Conner has eyes for. I really loved this book from beginning to end and I can't wait to read more in the series! I way the book ended you can tell that the next book is going to kick butt! what is in store for Willow and her friends Next? well you will have to get the series to find out!
  • Children of Shadows on March 15, 2014

    I so loved this book! Joleene Naylor is the best! I so love this series, and I so love these characters! Joleene has no end to how she entertains her audience and her story becomes alive from the first moment you start reading it. The epic battles, the witty comments, the endless twists and turns, not to mention the colourful characters and terrifying villains. Wanting nothing but relaxation after all they have been through, Katelina and Jorick relax on the beach for awhile before heading for home to tie up loose ends. Of course nothing can ever be that simple for them and as they head home they are set upon by mysterious vampires. who can they be? A trip back to headquarters reveals a old secret organization called Children of Shadows on the rise, one headed by some familiar faces. Why have they reappeared? and what does it all have to do with what went on in the temple? Great Book! Joleene Naylor is one of the best authors ever! I so love her writing! she becomes each and every character as she is writing them and you can feel it in her stories. Her characters are so real and even though fictional they have depth and real traits that make them feel as if they were real people.