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Smashwords book reviews by Jane Hatley

  • Echo Species Intervention #6609 on Dec. 20, 2012

    Echo is the one! She's my girl. I couldn't help but fall in love with her. She is funny, enigmatic and loving. She just wants a perfect family. I feel that. This second book is quite violent yet done with tenderness if that is possible. There is some very well defined nastiness. JK Accinni is particularly good with low-life characters!
  • Armageddon Cometh, Species Intervention #6609 Book Three on Dec. 30, 2012

    The whole series is touching and pretty brutal. It flows quickly and smoothly. It is interesting how she mixes brutality with great sadness. I loved so many characters, Echo,Abby and Ginger Mae. Jose seems clueless to this point, lol. She has some sick and rough characters. It's hard to turn away. There is a big surprise in this book, it made me so happy! I am just loving this series. What a great ride!
  • Hive, Species Intervention #6609, Book Four on Jan. 20, 2013

    I wondered if JK Accinni could sustain the level of layered and well crafted excitement she had spun in her first three books. Damn if I'm not slayed by her vivid characterizations and the complex world she has created under the earth where her survivors are stunned to discover the new pecking order in their new world. I just loved the Dezi storyline, don't worry I won't be a spoiler. I can see something might happen in the love department as new characters fall for some of my old favorites. JK's use of sublty is spot on. This book resolved many of the questions from the prior books but created more. Wil, Netty and Baby take on bigger roles with their story making a wonderful sprinkle through Scotty's life. Baby and Echo are clearly up to something and are sharing strange and painful secrets. The wildlife becomes a great focus in the wonderous caverns they shelter in and something different and creepy is occuring to their bodies,(animals too)as they all sleep. The mystery of "The One" takes a masterfully subtle turn I did not see coming. Loved it!! I find it difficult to comment on what is happening above ground (even thought I could not turn away)as a woman and her grandchildren try to slog their way through the horror and violence of a world gone mad on their way to the Hive where her husband prays for their survival even as he is turning to another woman. One of the most tender parts of the book concerns the relationship between Echo and her love for Barney. The tears ran hard as I read one special chapter as Barney was left behind to face the bombs alone. JK's 4th book is a huge emotional ride. A beautiful yet easy read, she has an instinctive command of reality in a challenging tale of armageddon