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Wild Child has been on the web since August 1999. It began when two roommates with a love for the English language surfed the web and realized there were few, if any at the time, good online magazines. Discussions about the dearth of quality creative writing on the web led to the idea to create one. But not just a magazine, a place where readers and writers could come together, meet, talk, complain, laugh, and commiserate. While both of us were trained in academia, neither of us thought that way. We expected well-crafted material that adhered to the grammatical rules but maintained an exciting and fresh approach.

For more than six years, Wild Child has accomplished that original goal. Along the way, we've expanded by adding five editors and undergone a number of web design transformations. Each change has been with the intent of improving the experience for our readers and continuing to move into the future.

The people who make this possible are you, readers and writers, and our editors. If you would like to know more about our editors and/or authors, follow the links below.

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