William Sinclair


William and Edrina Sinclair are co-authors. They met in 1986 and committed to each other for life in 1987. Their relationship has been a roller coaster of failures and successes, mostly because of William’s anger issues from his childhood.

It took a lot of counseling and self-help to keep their relationship on track. “We made a decision that we both had to work on our relationship, as well as ourselves, if we wanted our relationship to work,” says Edrina.

As well as having four children depending on them, their commitment to be together for life with no exit door, barring physical abuse, helped them work through the tough times and rejoice in the great times. Their commitment to each other and to just make it work has overflowed to other couples who come to them for coaching.

William and Edrina have developed workshops, keynotes, seminars and materials, all using real life examples from their own relationship, to help other couples succeed.

They write a weekly newspaper column on relationships called, “Dirty Socks and Banana Bread” which is in the process of being syndicated across North America. They are also excited to bring out their first book, “Love and Relationship: How to Love and Make it Last” which is based on their own life experiences and lessons.

The world needs couples who have strong relationships and William and Edrina are striving to help every couple who asks.

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