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I was born in Huntington, Pennsylvania in April of 1967 to Bill and Jackie Carl, two great parents who provided me with what amounts to a 'normal childhood.' So, what went wrong? How'd I get so disturbed? Hard to say, really.

The family moved to Ohio a few years later, and I mostly grew up in Circleville, a small town founded within a ring of Indian burial mounds...which the founders promptly knocked down to make more room for an expanding population! I did well in school, if not spectacularly, but I was in so many clubs it makes my head spin now. Latin Club, Marching Band, Local Theater, Swing Choir, Soccar, Orchestra, In the Know Team, Quick Recall Team, Olympics of the Mind Team...and others, all while working part time jobs!

My sister, Gina, and I fought like cats and dogs, but we get along great now. She's my number one fan and cheerleader, and her son, Andrew, helps out, too.

After high school, I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity, and marching band. I started out in pre-med , but I ended up in Communications. Sorry, Mom! After receiving my B.S., I found positions in Cincinnati in the film industry. I worked various rag-tag jobs on A RAGE IN HARLEM, LITTLE MAN TATE, and even a RESCUE 911 episode.

Growing tired of not eating anything but Ramen noodles and whatever was on the craft service table, I went into retail, which at least gave me a steady paycheck. Eventually, I made my way to Waldenbooks/Borders, where I still manage a store.

I met my partner, Don, 17 years ago on a dance floor, and life hasn't been boring since. We're getting older, and the music seems louder and the world seems a lot faster, but we still have each other, and that's what counts. We also adopted a dog from the pound, Jake, who gives us more love than either of us ever deserved.

I've always fostered a fondness for the macabre - in film and in literature. As a teen, I devoured Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, and T.E.D.Klein. I read Twilight Zone magazine and attended the South Side drive-in, where I caught THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, XTRO, THE EVIL DEAD, THE THING, HOWLING 2:YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF, and other dubious works of 'art', It was probably a cinch that I'd end up writing horror when I decided to put pen to paper. I just didn't realize I would sell my first story I ever sent out. That was 'Dig', and it will be in the anthology IN LAYMON'S TERMS, coming one day from Cemetery Dance. I can't wait to see it.

In the meanwhile, I have sold seventeen other stories and novellas. I also sold my first novel to Permuted Press, the little publisher who could. They've done a great job getting BESTIAL:WEREWOLF APOCALYPSE into the hands of horror-hounds everywhere.

So, I'm getting older and more sedentary. I've started working out, following the Body For Life plan. Seems to be working well, although there are days I run screaming towards a pizza. Life goes on. The world continues to spin.

And I will continue writing books that make your pulse race.

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