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The Evolution of Win At Sudoku OR Why I Nearly Drove Myself Crazy Doing This!

Before I say anything else, I would like to pay homage to Frank Longo, the guy who challenged my brain to the limits with his wonderful series "Mensa Absolutely Nasty Sudoku".

I will always be thankful for the endless hours of fun, the towering rages, and the endorphin-laden bliss that I got from meeting the intense challenges contained in this series.

I started out with a lot of faith in my logical skills, honed during a 20-year career as an international computer consultant.

So I quickly rose through the easy levels of the game until I hit Mensa's Absolutely Nasty Sudoku series, where I was dismayed to find myself suddenly boggled, flummoxed and utterly discombobulated. I'd do a bit, and then...I simply didn't know what to do next. The Horror! Moi? Beaten? Never!

As I am allergic to mathematical terminology (I insert a brief but fervent plea here: do anything to ensure the children you know get a Good Math Teacher!), I wasn't interested in studying x-wings and so on.

I am also stubborn like a megamule and wanted to do it My Way so I consciously decided I would not look for any outside help on the internet or anywhere else.

So I just persevered in applying logic and organisation to the game and, over the course of the last three years - and way too many hours when I should have been doing other stuff, I worked out the rules from what I saw happening on the grid to the point where I was consistently experiencing that lovely 'I win' feeling. I still don't get every puzzle right first time, hey nobody's perfect - but I always win in the end!

If I could only consistently follow my own method I'd do a lot better!

I think that's about as good as it gets - and I still love playing the game! Which is very important to me. I would never knowingly do anything to spoil the hours of fun you can have with this apparently simple, cunningly deceptive, and utterly addictive game.

A word on addiction: try to set yourself a time limit on how many hours a day you allow yourself to solving Sudokus: remember it is only a game and you do, actually, have a life outside of the puzzle grid!

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