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Born Wisbech. Edgar Allen Scholar at Sheffield University. Oarsman. Veteran of 50 marathons. agricultual lawyer. Holidays in mountains of Pakistan. Supports real football clubs. Hates the overmonied crap of Premiership and international footballers. Incandescent with rage and frustration at bankers and politicians. Training for John'o Groats /Landsend Walk

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  • Make a Move on July 17, 2010

    A real page turner but much more. The story races along at breakneck pace. The tension is maintained, but woven into the action are deeper and darker themes. The inner doubts and emptiness of action man Freddy echo the growing uncertainties of Holly as her chosen career stalls and goes down the pan. Everything in the book is shadowed by its opposite. The sleazy porn cinema also suggests a world of true unvarnished film for art's sake. Doriane the prostitute is also Doriane the caring mother. Sometimes the violence of the book is gratuitous and sometimes almost cleansing. As well as a story which underpins serious action with serious ideas, we have the sense that the setting itself almost emerges as a character. Paris is brilliantly evoked through its citizens such as M. Vasseur the baker, its dirt and its grime and its landmarks and restaurants. As with the characters, Paris is shown with the good and the ugly side by side. Read this book with care. it is a good page turner but is much more than that.