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Louise Wise is a writer of romantic comedy. She likes to merge basic comedy with real life.

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  • River of Judgement on April 17, 2010

    This has been sitting, unread, for a while. I’m a romance reader by default and so wasn’t too interested in the workings of a corporate financial disaster. But, surprise, this held my attention and I flicked through the pages really fast. It was well written, and well researched. The main characters are well drawn and revolved around Finn and his fight against betrayal. With the help of his lawyer Lyneth Jones and Alexa Stuart they set out to uncover the fraudulent workings of the company he used to be part of, but was forced out by so-called colleagues. I liked the way the author fed a slight paranormal feel into the story with Finn dreaming about a ghost. Oh, and there was room for a romance, so I’m one happy bunny. It’s a thriller/crime story in my opinion, and one that I’d be happy to recommend to others.
  • Hunted (Alien Invasion 5 Book Series) Book 1 on July 04, 2010

    "I didn't take my sky car. I wouldn't have been able to navigate it with paws." Love that line! This book is aimed at the YA readership, but with the current market of Twilight making supernatural/paranormal books popular Being Hunted of 2060 will appeal to adults as well. It's told through the eyes of sophomore 19 year old April in futurist 2060 in Alaska. At the opening April is experiencing her metamorphosis through chills, pain and images she can't explain. Her boyfriend Robert is worried, but April knows she isn't *ill*, it's something else, something bad. She discovers she has a twin, and the twin explains to her what is happening to her body. The one thing I couldn't understand is why April takes the explanations so calmly. Apart from that this was such an easy read; it flowed from chapter to chapter and kept me entertained all the way through. April was an interesting character and you could feel her indecision as she struggled between her two worlds: human and alien. Robert kept her human, but Arken pulled at other alien/wolf side. It was an amazing read. A lovely mix of romance and the paranormal. I will certainly read more from this author.