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Fascinated by communications technology. One of earliest educators in Alberta to receive an M.Ed in Educational Technology. Worked with first inexpensive reel to reel video recorders. Produced 16mm film. Picked Betamax over VHS and now transitioned to digital video. Retired and writing novels. Have completed four in the "Stonechild Chronicles" series, almost ready for Smashwords upload. These stories follow a young Cree aboriginal through the first years of WW 2 when the British Empire faced Hitler and the fascists alone. Also will have my Dad's biography, "Horses, Trails and Trophies" on Smashwords. This will include links to illustrative clips from his 8mm movies taken over 50 years ago and available through YouTube.

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  • My War: I The Pilot on June 03, 2011

    I found the writing quite good, but missing in detail, except for the sex scenes. I agree with the other reviewer regarding the weak ending. I read every thing I can get my hands on regarding WW 2, especially if it comes from a Canadian or British perspective. I am biased, of course, with four novels on WW 2 nearly ready for Smashwords and three more plotted. Also, my Dad's autobiography, Horses, Trails and Trophies, nearly ready to upload. How better to learn than from the work of others.