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  • Perception (Perception Trilogy #1) on Sep. 21, 2012

    Zoe is Genetically Altered Person who lives in the safety and comfort of Sol City; the inside. She has a very close relationship with her brother Liam. When her brother went missing, Zoe was devastated and determined to find out the mystery behind it. Along the way, she got involved with a natural, Noah Brody; the boy from outside. Noah is an aggressive and a steadfast guy. He is all against GAP. I’m not so much a fan of sci-fi to begin with. I hadn't heard much about it but what drew me to the book was the advanced technology and cool gadgets featured in the story. Perception hooked me from the very first page. Set in a future world, Perception tackles on the intervention of science and technology in human life. The world is so interesting and well-portrayed. Most people have a chip implanted in their hand. All the information about a person was added to the chip. It can even be used as a credit card which is super awesome! The science elements is not so complicated and easily digested. I liked that the book had a good portion of science, mystery and romance mixed together. It made the story a lot more fun to read. The story flowed well at a pretty good pace. The story was told in two parts; each from Zoe’s and Noah’s perspective. There were some parts where I found the description was a bit repetitive especially when Zoe had to commute between Sol City and the outside. There are also unexpected twist and things revealed throughout the book. The romance was done really well and I really appreciated when the author gave us enough build-up to Noah and Zoe’s relationship. Noah is such a charming and protective guy that would do anything for Zoe. All and all, this is a great starts to the series. The ending definitely left for a continuation for the next sequel; Volition. Thanks to the author for giving me the chance to do a review. I definitely anticipate the sequel.