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  • Demon Gates on Jan. 17, 2011

    Demon Gates follows the tried and tested formula of the good verses evil story line involving magic and leading towards a great confrontation or battle. From my experience, a first novel in a trilogy serves a number of purposes: setting the scene, creating the story line and establishing all the historical background necessary to create context, introducing all the main characters and putting some "meat on their bones". It should provide the reader with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction at having completed a novel, but, at the same time, leaving them with an anticipation of what's to come in the next novel in the series. Most importantly the reader, although knowing it is fantasy, should find the story believable. Demon Gates is a light read with a basic story line although it did come across as a bit too contrived. All the elements seemed to be there. The context was set and the battle lines are well on the way to being drawn up. I would have liked to have seen the main character, Valdieron developed further. We know he is the hero of the story but I had trouble connecting to him. I would also liked to have seen more real character development in some of the supporting players in the story. Although this first novel is a self-contained story it didn't leave me in anticipation of the next novel in the trilogy. For more