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  • Inside Those Walls on Dec. 19, 2012
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    I couldn't stop reading it from start to finish! I still can't get the story out of my mind or my heart. Everything that was written comes from the real truth, of what these children and now grown men and women had to live through! Angelia,didn't servive she was killed many years ago(her spirit was broken) and this "Monster" she became took over her mind and body. As for "Jerry" what he did to his own children and wife(Nancy)will be settled on his judgement day (God Doesn't Sleep and he will pay for the rest of his life now and here after for what he's done!) And beautiful "Jeanette"God Bless this soul, her happiness is now in Heaven with God and her Grandmother(Nancy)both lives cut to short, for they both were God's Angels here on earth!! Thank you George for writing this book. I hope it makes all of us, want to be better parents, grandparents,people etc. there is more good then evil out here (believe!) your book was worth everyword and may help others!! God Bless you and your Family!!!