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Always an avid reader, I discovered Stan Law through friends on Smashwords. I've been reading his works ever since. I love his approach which researches the Human Potential. I am about to enter the realm of the books Stanislaw Kapuscinski. I strongly suspect I'll like his non-fiction just as much.


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  • Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism on Feb. 20, 2012

    I have been afraid that this would turn out yet another attempt at conversion into one of the established religions. Not so. Mr. Kapuscinski provides us with dispassionate, calmly objective information necessary for us, all of us, to draw our own conclusions, to make our own decisions. The Dictionary is a truly mature document with fascinating consequences. I’ve spent innumerable hours picking passages from the Bible, at random, and applying the principles of the Dictionary to the text. The results were often stunning. Secrets of the ancients unfolded before my eyes. Thank you Mr. Kapuscinski.
  • Delusions — Pragmatic Realism on March 08, 2012

    It has been a while since anyone dared to scold the sacred altars of science. Yet, it seems, the scientists have taken liberties with our credulity without being called to account for the nonsense they so often propagate. It seems that the scientists, and only they, have to right to propose ‘theoretical theories’, which within years are turned on their heads without so much as an apology. Most of the stuff I’ve been taught in school is now ‘scientifically passé’. That, on the other hand, cannot be said of religions. In fact, the farther back we go, the closer we seem to get to the truth. A fascinating book!
  • Wall — Love, Sex and Immortality [Aquarius Trilogy Book One] on March 16, 2012

    When I first read Stan Law, some of the stuff he writes about sounded to me a bit like mumbo-jumbo. Now, that I read more of his books, his ideas take on a reality of their own, they sweep me along onto their magic carpet, and I accept Law’s world as my own. I don’t quite know how he does it, but either he’s a brilliant writer, or his reality really is real. I read some passages again. He is a brilliant writer!
  • Yeshua - Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus on April 18, 2012

    The solution to the enigma of the Missing Years has been attempted by a number of authors. This particular novel is by far the most interesting, in as much as it not only fills in the great unknown, but gives a logical and convincing reasons for the choices which Yeshûa made in his life, and even the consequences which ensued from them. It is evident that Stan Law did extensive research before embarking on solving the mystery of the ages. And yet, in spite of the deep metaphysical insights offered, the novel reads like an adventure story. Quite extraordinary. My congratulations to Mr. Law.
  • One Just Man [Winston Trilogy Book I] on June 11, 2012

    I couldn’t put the book down. The story swept me along, without letting up. Mystery, emotions, suspense, and most of all Stan Law’s forte: his passion for visionary metaphysics; not to the exclusion of physical life, but expanding it to a fascinating reality. But what really got me going was that the moment I finished One Just Man, Elohim—Masters and Minions, and Winston’s Kingdom of the Winston Trilogy were already waiting for me. I didn’t miss a single day, but continued reading. You just can’t beat that!
  • Now - Being and Becoming on Nov. 02, 2012

    It would be difficult to read NOW and not be reassured about one’s own immortality. At the same time, I don’t believe many people would imagine it being quite as Stan Law proposes. A man enters a coma. Within this enigmatic state he gains access to the total history of the world. Not just his own but all of it. And the strange thing is that he experiences all the fragments of history as though they took place just now. An amazing book!
  • Peter and Paul on Nov. 27, 2012

    I am still amazed how Stan Law managed to unfold history before my eyes. Love, hate, murder, mystery, tension, philosophy and metaphysics are all mixed in a cauldron of a fast paced novel that kept me reading into the early hours. The characters are as real: strong yet with human weaknesses; very human, yet rising head and shoulders above the others. Well, above most of us. PS. The novel is worthy successor to Law’s Yeshûa—Personal Memoir. If you liked one, you’ll love the other. I did!
  • Marvin Clark — In Search of Freedom on Dec. 06, 2012

    There are romances that make my stomach turn, those which specialize in explicit sex and vulgarity, normally called “erotica”, and then there are wonderful stories wherein a man and a woman find love that joins them together at so much more than just at physical level. Marvin and Jocelyn are just such a couple, who discover a unity which take them to an altogether different level of happiness. I you want to laugh and cry and feel their feeling, read this book. You won’t regret it.
  • Alec [Alexander Trilogy Book One] on Oct. 30, 2013

    What a delightful story! A young man coming of age, while his mother and father fulfill their dreams, and youthful fantasies. Shouldn’t we all be that lucky? And all this sprinkled with the unique Stan Law humor. This is a must read for all parents and grandparents, in fact all adults who want to know what mysteries unfold in the coming of age teens’ heads. They’ll all be amazed! I know I was.
  • Pluto Effect [Aquarius Trilogy Book Two] on Dec. 04, 2013

    If you read WALL - Love, Sex, and Immortality, then Pluto Effect is a must read. If you haven’t, read both! Ambrosia and Simon continue on their chosen paths, reaching ever higher results in their specialized fields. Simon seems to unravel the secrets of the Pluto Effect, while Ambrosia with her genius in particle physics enables them to escape its wrath. Quite a twist from the relatively quiet Book One of the Trilogy, but a twist will not want to miss.
  • The Gate - Things my Mother told me. on Dec. 06, 2013

    The book is a jewel among books dealing with old age. It offers food for thought, wisdom, love, tears, and laughter. If you feel you’ll ever reach an old age, or will look after a loved one who does, this book is a must read. It will help you along, and offer you hope. Don’t miss this literary jewel
  • Olympus — Of Gods and Men [Aquarius Trilogy Book 3] on Sep. 27, 2014

    Anyone who read Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality, followed by the Pluto Effect, was biting his or her nails while waiting for the conclusion of this out-worldly epic. The first two books raised my appetite so high that I doubted if the author, Stan I.S. Law, could rise to my expectations. I needn’t have worried. He not only did, but managed to surpass them. OLYMPUS—of Gods and Men restructures the philosophy of life, restructures both morals and ethics, and in addition is highly entertaining. The author manages to mix life, love, religion, philosophy and ends up with Immortality, making the full circle to Book I of this astounding trilogy. Bravo Mr. Law!
  • Visualization - Creating Your Own Universe on March 22, 2015

    The book is the conclusive proof that truth must be continuously rediscovered. The author lays no claims to originality. Quite the opposite. He cites examples that truth was always available to us, and it is and always was up to us to dip in, deep, and draw from the eternal, infinite well of wisdom. This is a book that will awaken you to your true potential. Now that I read it, it seems to me that only now I am beginning to awaken from a long, long slumber. Thank you, Mr. Kapuscinski.
  • The Avatar Syndrome on March 22, 2015

    Loved it! Loved every minute of it! After I finished reading it I spent days rereading some parts. From page one Anne held my attention. Stan Law’s description of the Sibelius violin concerto is beyond praise. We need more writers like him. And now to the sequel, the Headless World! Aren’t I lucky?!
  • Beyond Religion Volume III on March 25, 2015

    This book should not be rushed. I read it an essay at a time, then gave it some time for the words to sink in. Mr. Kapuscinski does not try to convince anyone of anything, but advances logical arguments, and supplies extensive knowledge, which enable the readers to arrive at their own conclusions. A most unusual and quite fascinating author.
  • Enigma of the Second Coming on May 17, 2015

    I’ve been an avid reader of Stan I.S. Law for years. Each time he surprises me with his knowledge, the scope of his imagination and the poetic spin of his descriptions. He is a writer I recommend to everyone who wants to be not only entertained, but also to be challenged to the limits of her or his imagination. Read it. You'll be surprised. And then tell me if you agree!
  • Gift of Gamman on May 24, 2015

    I like the idea of going to sleep, and then waking up on a different planet. Or is it a different reality? With Stan Law you can never be sure. But it’s worth finding out. Although, now that I think about it, I might prefer to stay behind. Just imagine, all this real estate and no one to disturb my peace of mind. The book is mindboggling! A warning: this book is NOT for people of limited intelligence. It makes you think!
  • Winston's Kingdom [Winston Trilogy Book III] on July 24, 2015

    I thought I’ve read all of his books, but Stan Law just keep coming up with new winners. If I ever doubted what my purpose was, the author opened such new horizons before me that by the time I finished his book I was close to euphoria. In Winston's Kingdom Stan I.S. Law presents a vision unparalleled in modern literature. If you’re proud to be human, this book is an absolute must. If you’re not, you will be!
  • Sacha—The Way Back (Alexander Trilogy Book Three) on Aug. 05, 2015

    It seem that one shouldn’t tamper with people like Sacha Baldwin. Rising from a family already endowed with unusual gifts, Sacha takes his particular talents to the extreme. No one is allowed to stand in his way, and those who oppose him pay a dire price. Read it and beware. Sacha is playing for keeps.
  • Awakening - Event Horizon on June 25, 2016

    I have been waiting to find out what would eventually happen to Anne Howell. I’m glad I did. Couldn’t put the book down. All my friends from the Avatar and Headless Worlds were there, waiting for me! I love meeting old friends. Stan Law not only shows us Anne’s future, but the future of the whole world. And he does so in a manner in which philosophy and metaphysics are blended with romance, with family life, with international affairs. An amazing writer.
  • Vicious Circle Volume Two on Sep. 10, 2017

    It’s one thing to read Mr. Law’s fiction, be amazed by his concepts and imagination, and quite another to be told why and wherefore he wrote what he did. At first, I was annoyed at him destroying my imaginary world, then, much later, I was grateful when I discovered that all worlds are imaginary, ephemeral, and only exist in our consciousness, let alone in the consciousness of a talented writer. I shall never again read Mr. Law without wondering if he’s writing fact or fiction. They seem to blend into each other into a seamless continuity. Amazing!
  • Winston Trilogy, (Complete Collection, eBox Set) on Sep. 30, 2017

    It’s one thing to read Stan Law’s books a year apart, quite different to go through his whole trilogy in a continuous fashion. I never realized that the books which seemed quite self-sufficient, increase in value when presented together. Somehow Stan Law manages to make them independent and a single entity, both at the same time. All I can say is thank you, and recommend it to all who never benefited from a trilogy. I can even jump from book to book. I find it utterly amazing!
  • Vicious Circle Volume Three on Oct. 03, 2017

    I knew it had to happen. Since reading Vicious Circle 1 & 2, I began to follow Mr. Kapuscinski’s current blogs on the Internet. Yet I am equally as grateful to see that Vicious Circle 3 came out in a book form. It saves me time by not having to look for his ‘old’ blogs on the Internet. It is more fun, more edifying and entertaining, having them in a book. Thank you, Sir. Five stars, of course
  • Aquarius Trilogy (Complete Collection, e-Box Set) on Oct. 12, 2017

    Only last week I finished the Winston Trilogy, and now I am halfway through Book One, the WALL, of the Aquarius. It seems that I’ll have to give up all other books and dedicate myself to reading Stan Law. And believe me, it’s no sacrifice. I love the way he writes. I love the plot, the characters, the theme, and the style. I most definitely recommend it to all who like their action and suspense mixed in with a dash of philosophy, mystery, metaphysics and paranormal. I always thought we were more than just flesh and blood, and Stan Law proves it. Love it!
  • Vicious Circle Volume Five on Feb. 12, 2018

    I own Vicious Circles Vols. 1 to 4. Now I got the latest. Rest assured that as long Stanislaw Kapuscinski keeps writing his blogs, I’ll keep collecting them. They are a veritable goldmine of information and, more often than not, originality. Every one of them deserves 5 STARS!!! Thank you, Mr. K.
  • Avatar Trilogy (Complete collection e-Box Set) on Feb. 27, 2018

    I read them all. I recommend them all. Buy them, enjoy them, be fascinated by them as I was. Now that they are a box-set I’ll start again. You’ve got a winner here, Mr. Law!