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I love making friends,reading science fiction and fairy tales!
it's all about science man!

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  • Princess Maya and the Crystal Ball; A Fairy Tale For Grownups and Children at Heart on July 30, 2011

    Princess Maya and the crystal ball by Sara Dagan is another unique fairy tale which the author rightly put it " for grown ups and children at heart" This book tends to reflect the mindset of people leaving in a high class and low class society and like is always said,experience is the best teacher. I like the way the author brought to fore the demeanor of someone (in this case princess Maya)who has experience the best and worst that life could offer. Thus, the author tries to also tell us in most cases, we never appreciate something unless it is taken from us! I also think the book also reflects true life experience of the author, since she admitted to working with people in prisons and helping victims of terrorism. In addition to all these, the book also makes a great fairy tale for children, spiced with magical settings and transitions intertwined with a very likely appearance of Prince charming-Prince Karma!.