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Christina Worrell, AKA Faellin Angel, lives in the sweltering swamps of Georgia close to the Savannah coast. She has been a gypsy of sorts and has traveled and lived in many different cities, and quite a few states. She has not had the opportunity to step off American soil as of yet but some day plans to travel as far as England and Ireland. Christina is a married, mother of two beautiful kids and several animals, and has many full time jobs, even though they all take place at home. Being a housewife is mandatory as is a mother. She also is the owner of an online bookstore and sells a little of everything. She has plans to buy and own a nice Victorian establishment somewhere near home and sell books and occult items, as she is Pagan and proud of it. Aside from spending time at buying and selling books, she tries to maintain her lifelong dream of being a published author, and has over a dozen books available in e-book and paperback. She also reads, writes, edits, reviews, shares, publishes books and has tried her hand at creating book covers. As hard as it is to do just one of those jobs she also runs many Facebook pages and groups to help promote not only herself and her own books, but others as well. She's not all work and no play, she’s also a proud Pagan with Buddhism and Wiccan as her religion. She doesn’t claim to be a real witch but she has never actually denied it either. She does claim though to being an actual Empath and does Tarot Readings in her spare time, what little she has of it. All this work is not just to benefit herself, or other authors, but to support her son, Super D (Damien), who has a few disabilities such as Autism and ADHD among a few. Profits from all her endeavors goes to this little superhero and his Autism Cause. He has a Facebook page and a page of his own on Christina’s website. Donations are always welcomed, but all that she asks of anyone is to like and share his pages. Mrs. Worrell is also an avid video game player. She loves classics, RPG, Shooter, and anything to do with zombies or other supernatural elements and creatures. That also goes for her entertainment as well. She enjoys many shows such as Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Buffy and Angel, Charmed, and many more. Although zombies are one of her top ten fears, she gets her fill of them. She even treats herself to some wickedly terrifying Zombies on COD, for those of you who know what that is!
Her writing genre is an unique twist of flavors such as Paranormal, YA, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Poetry, Erotica, and a few children’s books. She and her books can be found just about anywhere online and soon in stores near you. She is working on a FREE sampler of her works, since she has so many, and will hopefully have it out shortly after this book releases.She's hard at work on several books at one time, as she can get quite distracted. With her busy and chaotic life she has managed to find the time to write and publish over a dozen books since officially becoming an author in early 2012. Not many authors can say that. She is also hard at work correcting a few editing errors on her first book Shade’s Loss, which had some issues that most first time Indie authors come across. She tried joining a new publisher but found being independent and working with several others was better for her. You'll find she has a few short stories in anthologies with other authors, which she donated for good causes. In the future you will find her working with many authors, both with publishers and independent, because to her it is not about how or who published what but the final product and its success. So she is neutral and plans to stay so for some time… unless she gets recognized by some very prominent publishing houses. She has her eye on a lucky few, and I say lucky because this young, up and coming, author is going to get not only recognized, and very soon, but will be competing with some major authors.
If this is your first book then you are missing out, I urge you to read a few of her reviews, keeping in mind that there is some jealous competition that has been out longer than she. Remember everyone has their own opinions, likes and dislikes, and it takes readers like you to make an authors dream come true. Enjoy a book, then show it by supporting them in many different ways but mainly by gushing about the book that you read. Trust me, the more you share the word, the more fans that author gains. The more fans an author has, the more books they release for YOUR enjoyment. Want a sequel? Then show the author by helping her sale more of the book you enjoy so much. Authors see which books are liked better than others and when they do they know that writing a series will benefit them most.
So I hope you have come to know this wickedly tantalizing and sizzling author and will enjoy the book as much as I did. I have known her longer than anyone and have come to enjoy her quirky and snarky personality that draws you in and makes you fall in love with her (it did me). Her realistically balanced views of life make you see things you never would have before. Her child-like wonder of the epic and magical fantasy world, including the literary one, will have you following her on memorable and never-ending journeys that only an author truly can. A storyteller such as this will leave you breathless, desperate for more, and vividly seeing worlds beyond our own. You will find a page of her links within this book, and if you think you have the courage to step into a wonderland just as addicting as the current Vamp and Fang hits, then do yourself a favor and drop what you are doing (unless its reading this book of course) and go get more of her talented works. You are denying yourself a pleasure none should. I would know, it took me a decade to pick up one her books and I am her husband!I have to admit here to not exactly writing this word for word, since I am not the talented writer my wife is, but I worked with her two best friends (one of which IS an author) to get what I wanted to say and share it with you. My rambling mental nonsense would have made you scream like a banshee or worse drop this book and run for cover. I never say what I mean, mean what I say, and understand less than half of what my wonderful wife says. She talks a lot despite all the stuff she gets accomplished, somehow, in less time than it took me to figure out how to get my nonsense into words and typed up. The typing part took about twenty minutes or so, the thinking part took much, much longer. Don’t think because I’m her husband that I am urging you to read this book and all her others, because it’s not. Other than the fact she will probably hurt me when she reads this, okay definitely, because she is more of a anti-social, shy, and quiet sharer of anything personal. That and she finally wore me down after a decade of avoiding anything with words bigger than I can say, and made me read this book, which I found to my shock that I actually enjoyed it. Okay, I didn’t so much read it as was force fed it. She read it to me over several long nights. By the first chapter I was caught up in the action. By long I mean it took several, sessions?, to understand some of the more sophisticated words that authors of her level use. I barely finished school, okay. Do me a favor though and remind her of one of her cover artists favorite scare tactics he uses on her… alien, spider-like zombies that have crept into her room at night as they cause the apocalypse. She almost always has nightmares after one of us say something like that!

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