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Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” Things change” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn.I love New York City.There's no other place I rather see. New York has so much to offer That's deep in my heart how it remains a big part of me. From the busy streets the cab rides, we can also find a quiet spot. Let the city lights shine above you. The love is in the air story-book turns a page you hear the music playing you could take over the whole entire stage.The places so many foods to chose from. Going Uptown or meeting someone midtown. Going to the cafes having the best Pizza I know where I was born in Brooklyn I had the best pizza or another change I loved to go downtown.Love the holiday window dressing shopping and the people fascinate me.
* * *
New inspired me the writer I love people and the bright sunshine makes me want to sing my music lifts up the sunset on U Tube it was a side I didn’t see... I needed to re-arrange my thinking I love people on my spare time I love to write poems I won many awards
You can call me the book lover also the hard working wife. My family supports me in everything...My son the graphic artist he does logos he's an artist of cartoons he goes to College now.
Artistic computer savvy we could light up a Congo Amazon we nailed it the winner for books bingo!! Full of books Smashwords Life is a smash like jumping Jack the universe goes in a flash. We modernized our ways from candles to high-tech lighting. The moon and the wishful stars make life so inviting. Our books will always be around.We need to escape but let our feet stay on a peaceful spiritual ground.
I cannot imagine being anywhere but home with my family. Big hearts how we are drawn in the lucky star of a win. I love my cafe how I think to stir my thoughts up let's raise our book's and never give up the book-it place. Smashwords Life is a Smash. I love to sing and make my own homemade videos.
It was like a gift I never had inside of me I always had a music ear a voice to be heard. Books are like a gift.They show your emotion let's join hands give more love and devotion.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
My Books are usually funny with a different edge to most books out there. I wanted to do more of a paranormal book Designer Heads Off this time since I was in the cosmetic and fashion industry. I thought this was the perfect approach to go with Vampires and actors and fashion models, it brought about a unique approach to how another world took over the fashion industry more suspenseful..
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I always loved the different facets of books there was nothing more rewarding to me than relaxing and letting a story take me to another destination. I loved writing it came to me later on in my life, but I always had a creative mind.
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The Sun comes to her voice By Robin Carretti
This was what I was feeling it has all the elements of being happy and also sad.The world around us how it evolves and opens up.The sun has a way of making things feel happy with love.


Merci' Me $ Men
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 48,460. Language: English. Published: May 25, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Only time has a way of telling. Oh! yes, he's quite the actor he plays his part so well. But he will never get an Emmy in my Sage smile. So many tapes up faces started to pass her. He had the words Remy merciful with his ladies. They were walking on the street it was named Rue Monsieur Le Prince it seemed to fit him perfectly. She smiled was thinking to herself she said "Please God" have mercy.
Sage Spilled Crystals
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 32,580. Language: English. Published: May 14, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance
Amethyst crystals shine like diamonds everyone’s best friend not only a girl’s.The fight spilling coffee darkened the gold of a rush.Did he see a love scar on your cheek? The cold of the cream, the heat his mouth spelled danger but her bud is starting to grow and crystallize and then opening it send’s spirals get the taste of hunger. Sage slipped enjoy those pleasure words until they spilled out.
Peacocks RRrring!!
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 55,180. Language: English. Published: May 14, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fairy tales
So perk me up doll Peacock collector. so colorful. Almost like the women outfits. But some people felt like they were misfits needed sequin looking tail her dainty outfit with fresh daisies on her hair. The peacock tea party festive with her touch of flair. So surreal the waiter his peacock attire.The next thing he said we have some bird of an order tonight.She told him to fly the coop.
Sage Sub Rosa
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 21,510. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action
So yesterday Grecian ruling the world magic water banging so hard like a nymph..Italian Riviera cappuccino foaming at the mouth words of yesterday her secrets went far away. But today they came back to haunt her that dangerous thought? She kept saying good is getting boring where's my Sex coffee Joes those computer Teenagers.being bad schools out Hell Ya summer. Rifling high in their Hummer.
Have Lips We Travel
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 55,360. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Sci-Fi Erotica
This girl was waiting outside the office the girl had her wallet out of in shape of Chanel lips waiting to give him some down payment to this Huntsman. But this is a lucrative business Miss Glossy it was springtime. But more like Hitler in springtime if you know what I mean it should have been changed to Lip tipster crime hot tip... What a control he perfected these lips explosion Lady bust.
Sage Super Lunar
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 81,280. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica
He couldn’t help but notice her succession lines she had the curves so delicately, went inside, the painting, in a Native land Naples Italy., Go 2 the museum's/Gelato/sexy statue Michael Angelo biological clock she's ticking, got to love her. Sage vineyards and her passions black leather his pants so well designed covered her book, kept tight-lipped on him and said what crime have I loving him.
Starry Eye We Are
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 43,710. Language: English. Published: May 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Let's hang in there this is all about Parrot's Kids and Parent's all linked inside one another.Who doesn't love the world fit to be flown with color? Her innocent stare had me in boo stitches.Such a Blast of the past how things repeat all the time cold air hurled into the Candlestick hall of aha parrot's bringing swirls of rainbow snowflakes. She would rather eat her Tony the Parrot cornflakes.
Designer Heads Off
Series: Sage Spilled Crystals. Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 41,660. Language: English. Published: October 28, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
SHE’S THAT WILD FLOWER GETTING READY FOR FASHION PAGE THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY DESIGNER FRIENDS I wish they would never rear-end me We never know the beginning of a book until you get to the finest detail unwrap all of me joy to the world of the very bookend Went over the shopping limit girlfriends turned into warriors over the limit Austrailian Mates . Are we getting Darker or closer black dia
Babies-Kids-& Parents All Linked-In
Price: $6.00 USD. Words: 49,990. Language: English. Published: June 25, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Greeting; We all have families that we value so much this book is about how we all connect with one another. We are Woman with hobbies. I am a poem lover Singer Other Moms play another tune Its how we are all linked-In to each other. Its your Mother, Father Brother, Uncle,or Aunt, We love our Children We Love our family that special One word LOVE All togeher read family happiness indeed
One Single Thought
Price: $7.00 USD. Words: 27,360. Language: English. Published: June 10, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
This book is a unique view of my life through my eyes. It has all the ups and downs of life but eventually things come together.

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