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Smashwords book reviews by Pamela V. Mason

  • Insight on June 03, 2011
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    Insight is a quick intro to Annie Rayburn's world that comingles the Crainesians and humans on earth. When Sela bumps into Jonavon, sparks literally ignite. She knows who she is, but does he? When he finally accepts his Crainesian heritage, he accepts his lifemate in Sela. Ms.Rayburn gives us insight into Crainesian mating traditions and rituals in Insight... a good set up for the next book, Phantoms and Fantasies.
  • Phantoms & Fantasies on June 03, 2011
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    Annie Rayburn expands her Crainesians' world with Phantoms and Fantasies and gives women, human and Crainesian alike, a satisfying glimpse into a erotic relationship that begins in the mind. Zee and Turk's story begins with a Halloween date that goes sour due to an ugly memory resurfacing. Zee, a rape victim, has done everything possible to heal, but only Turk can complete the process. Will she let him? is the journey Ms.Rayburn takes us on. Three things I love about Ms.Rayburn's world that she creates here: 1) Women know satisfying sexual encounters begin in our brains.Thanks to Crainesian dream sharing, Zee and Turk show humans how it's done. 2)Her couples actually talk and get to know each other before doing the horizontal tango. Other erotica I've read have them doing it three words after Hello. And 3)... oh, you need to read the book for #3. Trust me, you'll love how Ms.Rayburn turns dating and mating rituals on its head with her Crainesians.
  • Drool Worthy Part 1 of 7 on Nov. 04, 2011

    What a sweet story! Ms. Brothers captures that first thrill a woman feels when she becomes aware that the guy she's attracted to is attracted right back - the first shiver of excitement that gets the romance rolling. Wish it were longer.