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Smashwords book reviews by W Whipple

  • His Lucky Break on Aug. 20, 2012

    It's a little too brief, but it's a free "tease." It feels a bit like it should be fleshed-out (ha!) a bit more into a longer work, because it feels a little unfinished. Perhaps that was on purpose, and Cabot will write more stories about Sean and his studio... It's certainly an interesting concept in mind control erotica, where it occurs completely by accident, and with no effort or intention on the characters' parts. If you enjoy your erotica to be on the intelligent side, Cabot's books are for you. Test drive this one; you won't be sorry!
  • The Shape of Her Desires on Aug. 28, 2012

    The main character is a bit of a brain, and a revolutionary thinker... who accidentally manages to make her brain a little too malleable and her mentor struggles to do the "right thing." This piece of short fiction hits on a couple of different fantasies: mind control and older men/younger women. It's written in a very descriptive and literate way. I've read erotic works that use the same phrases over and over, and it gets tedious. You won't find that with Cabot's writing.
  • The Ultimate Icebreaker on Aug. 28, 2012

    I have to admit, mind control stuff is not my typical cup of chai, but Cabot's intelligently-written fantasy is quite good. Some of the mind control stories out there can be pretty malicious and sinister in tone; this absolutely is not. It's a quick and sexy read that will let you picture the characters clearly. They are not all 100% likable, but that's what makes them believable. It also makes you wonder if there will be more "trials" soon, and if Cabot intends to share them with the rest of us...