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  • The Messengers: Fire of the Gods on Nov. 18, 2009

    Fire of the Gods is remarkably inventive. While one cannot escape the long shadow cast by story lines such as "Raiders of the Lost Ark," to which this has some superficial resemblance, that is only passing the story is truly unique. The story takes place in two different times, and the balance between the two is reasonable, although the strongest, and lengthiest section of the book carries on so long I forgot about the other story line. The weakest part of the book, and I don’t claim I could have done any better, is a tenancy to rush right past some very significant story elements. Before the reader has time to digest a “wow” moment, the author quickly moves the plot on to something more mundane. When a character is betrayed, there is no examination of the emotional impact, a discussion by the character of the moral implications, or any device to say, “hey, this is important.” More glaring is the dénouement, in which extraordinary events get little more than a couple of sentences. When I was in elementary school I was supposed to write a story: I started writing a rather elaborate science fiction story when I ran out of time, the story was due. Desperate, I put my character is a steel ball with five minutes of air but he was saved by a princess. The end. THIS book is, of course, far, far better, and most sections of the book are fully fleshed out, but there is a couple of places where the author could have given the reader a richer experience.