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Smashwords book reviews by Roxanne Tomich

  • Ground Zero on Nov. 28, 2011

    Ramthun's Ground Zero is a techno-thriller murder mystery that kept me turning the pages. If Tom Clancy and Agatha Christie had written together, this is what would have resulted. I loved the cutting edge technology that makes me wonder if she endangered her security clearance, but I also love the classic mystery of a real locked room, with the revelation that had me making the traditional Christie head smack, saying, "I shoulda known!" But even better, I loved and cared about the people, from the not-so-geeky computer programmers to the cops. The professional women are both fun, but real, and could easily be my friends. And finally, the story hangs together, front to back, top to bottom. Without a doubt, I think this is a great read! I wanted this book in a more portable form because it is an old friend, good for a re-read any time. It still stands up to time, and I hope people like it as much as I do. I bet so.
  • The Thirteenth Skull on Nov. 28, 2011

    After re-reading this recently, I have decided to post a review. I read it as a stand alone book, and it si my favorite. Read this first, then you might like the rest. Sometimes a third book can drop the ball, but not this one. Ramthun writes a story that takes us on a non-stop adventure from the first page to the last. Her minor characters are so fun that I forget that it is a story. This book has a rock and roll star who is a hunter and a gun-toting independant, but yet we see how he feels so passionate about a sport that needs a voice. Yet the main characters, some of whom we know from Ramthun's prior books, continue to delight, entertain and have us hanging on the edge of our seats. I really like Ted, Lucy's husband and his role in the book. It is not a long book, but contains so much adventure I wonder how she does it. I recommend this to all adventure readers, conspiracy readers,besides readers who like a little mystery, romance, science fiction, angel believers, and anyone just wanting a fun read.
  • Blood Print on Jan. 28, 2013

    This book is Matthew Reilly or James Rollins on steroids, if such a thing can happen. Pure, unstopped adrenline from start to finish with great big honking laughs at the most inappropriate times. In other words, A GREAT STORY! The characters grab you really fast, and make you like and understand them in short, unwasted time. Good thing, because this is a rip roaring adventure, with people you care about right away. I won't waste time with the story line, because it is in the discription. So I will tell you a few of my greatest lines. When a killing construct lands and looks like a metal toothed pac-man, trying to eat our heros, one of them quips it is a 'happy fun ball.' We find out the enemy is the boss we all love to hate, no redeeming qualitys at all, and we know him as Dr. Crazystein. Love, love, love it. I also love flawless writing. No spelling errors, no grammer that distracts, no inconsistancies in time or place. Pro all the way. OK, I am ready for the next book. YOU WILL TOO!