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Hey, guys!
I am Ophélie. I mean, Ophélie Victoria Blaudez, but you can call me Ophélie. Or Ophé, it’s up to you. I am French, as many of you have probably guessed because of my name, and I am coming from a town in southern France called Montpellier. So, regarding me personally, I am 22, still living in France for the moment but I planned to move abroad once again, because I love travelling, and... And, what else? Oh, yeah! I am the proud mother of Charlotte, the main character of “The Blue of Your Eyes”. There’s also that, I am transgender, I am a trans woman, but I do not know if this fact really matters. I mean, I always felt like being a woman above everything.
Anyway, I started writing from an early age, actually. I maybe wrote my first book when I was seven. It was non-fictional, I mean, it was talking about Mozart’s life. This is why my inspirations are coming from the music I listen in first (it goes from classical music to hard rock), and the stories I listen all around in second. People all around use to inspire me. Paradoxically, I do not actually read other books, I am not a good reader. I know, it’s weird for a writer, but... Yeah. I find my inspiration instead into what I watch and what I see. Especially into TV series. I really do. I use to watch a lot of TV series for picking up some good ideas, and then creating a credible timeline for the story that I am working on. Sometimes, seeing another woman walking in a street is enough to waking up my inspiration, so it can come from everywhere. Because I am like that: as I mentioned, I dislike reading. But from what I learnt when I was reading a book, it’s that it must be like breathtaking. I mean, my expectations when I read a book are that it must take me out of my daily routine. It’s the specific reason why I am a writer, I want to write books as I want to read it, with a lot of actions, a lot of characters, a big love story in the middle of that or a broken heart wandering in the middle of nothing... And, it could explain why “The Blue of Your Eyes: Prologue” is such a pretty big book.
More personally, well... Except writing, my mood swinging due to my hormonal treatment, I love travelling, chilling out with friends, buying clothes, makeup and shoes (I wouldn’t be a girl otherwise), and especially talking with people around the world. I speak two languages (English and French) and I am currently learning Irish and Dutch. I also love hearing the latest gossips about the people I know (useful for work), and I have a main interest for history and politics. And, in addition to that, I love talking with people around the world. But the thing I do love above all, it’s to talk to the people who read me. Having their opinion. Because your opinion matters to me.
Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you!
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Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
Well, if you consider that I published Charlotte when I was 22, well... Let me recall everything... Yes, I was seven when I started writing. Yes, it's young, but I have always been attracted to this. I used to spend my time when I was young, like five or six, to create characters, coming from different sides, and it was something that I loved. Even if I am a man. This passion remained, throughout the years, even if we had difficulties sometimes to live with my passion, but since four years now I created Charlotte, and this project is just awesome because we are now a small team behind her. It's like the character of my life, as we can have the woman of our life, and hence I am creating this. Managing such a long book was challenging, but, well, I never gave up, and since then, I am never going to give up.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Behind my latest book, it's like the story we all have. I mean, our generation. Charlotte is just like us, she has the same problems than we have, and she's like us. I wanted to create a story like this as a proof, or as a testimony of the life we have today: it's not for denigrating anything or anyone, it's just to relate through a book the problems that we have in our generation. The challenges that we are facing up, and the possibility that the future might be corrupt by some choices that others are doing for us. It's even talking about family, because I've had so many tough moments in my family, and it's to say to my readers, which could be in my situation, just this: no matter what other people says, just go, just do it, because only you are the leaders of your lives.
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The Blue of Your Eyes: Prologue
Price: Free! Words: 67,590. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Suspense, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller
I’m Charlotte. I live in Paris. My interests? Money, and manipulation. I am an heiress, and I am aware that I am attractive enough. But my life is the same as everyone: I am bored at school and by my family, I live with my boyfriend, but I have a specific opinion regarding life in general. Yes, my life is so boring that I spend my time making troubles around me. And then one day, I was eighteen…

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