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  • Shipwrecked! on June 19, 2013

    Pratt's account of Isaac Morris's trial after the HMS Wager's shipwreck in Patagonia is an easily read tale of adventure. Crafted for reluctant and/or struggling readers, Morris's voice lends a personal touch to a historical disaster. Middle grade students who are adventure or history fans will be intrigued by the story of the 1740 shipwreck. Pratt's simplistic, first person account of the Wager's fate will keep targeted readers interested. And with a minor page count, struggling readers will experience a feeling of accomplishment when finishing the book. Another reading-esteem booster is that this is such an approachable nonfiction text. Nonfiction tends to be a difficult genre for habitual readers and can seem even more intimidating for struggling readers or unappealing for reluctant readers. The book could also serve as a springboard for research for readers. Because of the simple nature of Pratt's narrative, readers may want more details about the Wager's experience, 18th century exploration in general, or other infamous shipwrecks like the Titanic. Overall this is a quick, simple read about a real disaster that engages and informs.