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  • WATER and other stories on Nov. 17, 2010

    I enjoyed each of the three stories - the first and third more so. I thought Petitions started out a bit slow and over-descriptive, however as I continued to read, I enjoyed the story and the theme. It would make a great commercial!! Angel's Song was less appealing to me as a short story - I think I would need to read The Thorn for a better understanding. The story did picque my interest in reading more of these characters. I would like to see how the young man's character evolves. Water was my favorite of all three short stories. I could really feel the pain and longing of Moshe - I could envision him there at the pool. I liked the descriptive characterization of him. Unlike Petition, Water used just enough adjectives to describe the characters. I love being able to be brought to the character that I am reading about - to be able to feel the same emotions. Great job with this one!!