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My name is Yannick Simmons and I’m an entrepreneur, fitness coach, and standup comedian. I am passionate about the topic of health and fitness, and spend a lot of time researching new ways to improve the way I eat and workout.

I am a 6’ tall man who used to weigh 235 pounds. I was extremely overweight which seriously impacted my social life. I did not have the confidence to approach people and as a result, I was often lonely and depressed.

That was five years ago. Losing weight used to be a fantasy to me. I used to spend incredible amounts of time researching quick and easy ways to lose weight. I would try out new diet plans for weight loss but would always give up and go back to eating junk. I would look up fitness programs and hire fitness coaches but again, I would always give up due to a lack of patience and discipline.

After a series of failed attempts at weight loss, I started to understand myself and my body better. Every failure came with a new lesson and overtime, I came up with new strategies to motivate myself in order to eat healthy and workout regularly. I grew accustomed to this new lifestyle that allowed me to transform from a socially impaired overweight cynic, to the fit and sociable man I am today. I now weigh 175 pounds. That’s right, I lost a total of 60 pounds, all in the span of 8 months.

My mission is to share everything I know about weight loss with anyone who may want to learn a new and unique approach to losing weight. I am aware that many men and women in the world are dissatisfied with their looks, and consequently suffer from their insecurities and lack of confidence. I have compiled significant information for guaranteed weight loss and would like to share it in the form of workout exercise books, weight loss recipe books, and other weight loss tutorials. In the past few years, I have coached tens of men and women using the same methods that worked for me, and so far, results have been phenomenal. I'm hoping my books will allow me to coach anyone who may want to get in shape and embark on their own journey to health and fitness.

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Weight Loss Made Fast and Simple: The 5 Step Guide to Complete Fitness - The Day to Day Lifestyle Adjustments to Quickly Lose Weight Burn Fat and Drop as Many Pounds as you Desire
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You're trying to lose weight but is seems extremely hard and complicated. That's understandable. When people talk about weight loss, they often use various terms and concepts such as carbohydrates, metabolic rates, body mass indexes, and many more. This makes the whole idea of weight loss sound like a long, complicated, and unrealistic endeavor. But the truth is, weight loss is SIMPLE!

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