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  • Treesome on Dec. 10, 2013

    Treesome is an interesting erotic story with many detailed erotic scenes and other interesting sex related symbols that will definitely not leave you indifferent: desire, temptation, female sexuality, self-discovery, sex in the nature and much more. This short story focuses on the main character, Odette, a beautiful 18 years old girl. She is an orphan girl, raised by old conservative couple, Bill and Maudette. They raised her as a completely innocent child, knowing nothing about sex, as they didn’t want her to end up like her mother (who is a prostitute). But lately Odette’s sex drive is becoming very strong. She is growing up and starting to discover her body for the first time. She is full of desires, full of temptations. One night she goes to the wood and she meets her lover for the first time. But her lover is not an ordinary lover – it is a tree. Eventually she develops a special sexual and also romantic relationship with it. Of course, the story continues in the interesting way, but I cannot disclose you everything. The story is well written, interesting and also kinda fun to read. I recommend it to all reader who love unusual erotic stories.
  • Thump on March 10, 2014

    Great novel! “Thump” is a great novel with so many interesting themes that will definitely not leave you indifferent: there is a lot of drama, emotion, suspense, inequality, abuse and many other themes that make the story interesting. The book is well written great to read - It has great plot, great characters and very captivating story with interesting twists. Overall, it is a great read, I really enjoyed reading that book and I am sure that you will enjoy it too. I recommend it!
  • Gift of Gamman on April 08, 2014

    »Gift of Gamman« is a great science fiction novel with wide range of different themes that make the book very dynamic and interesting to read – it has everything from science fiction to adventure, mystery, spirituality, suspense and a lot more – so everything what you expect from any good fantasy story. The author creates a future world and presents it to us in such a way that it really enables you to fly there. And that is only a beginning… The story has interesting plot, great characters, dynamic happenings, surprises and overall, it is well written, entertaining, exciting and most important - it really draws you into it and takes you to a new world! I would highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction novels.