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Smashwords book reviews by yary

  • The Unfinished Song: Initiate on Dec. 23, 2014

    I'm in love with this series. The magic system is very different than what we see in most stories, and I love that. I also like the shifting viewpoints, because if you're not a big fan of the protagonist, you can still enjoy the story. The world as a whole is very well developed, and the characters are varied enough that you can have someone to relate to without being too many to keep track of, which is refreshing after GoT. Also, it has fairies, which is something most good fantasies give up on, and I'm glad this one didn't. Be warned: book 1 ends in a cliffhanger. I, for one, did not see that coming, but it was a good plot twist.
  • The Unfinished Song (Book 6): Blood on Dec. 23, 2014

    If there is one thing this series has no lack of, is great plot twists. Book after book, the plot thickens, both the present and the past, and it is simply brilliant! It's also a very fluid read. There's a revelation in this particular book that just blew my mind. I can't wait for book 7!