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  • The Cyber Chronicles VI - Warrior Breed on Aug. 30, 2011

    Love the Cyber series by "TC" from when I picked up the first in the series as a freebie. I am now up to VII, and will be downloading the rest that are in "print" in the next few days. Keep 'em coming :-D
  • The Cyber Chronicles VIII - Scorpion Lord on Oct. 10, 2011

    I just enjoy these books from TC, every book in the series just gets better if that is at all possible. Keep them coming, I don't know where you get the ideas from, but always fresh and sharp. Just finished IX Precipice, hanging out for the next one
  • The Cyber Chronicles IX - Precipice on Nov. 21, 2011

    I have now read all the Cyber Chronicles books twice, and have enjoyed all as much, if not more second time around. This time I can see how TC has been building the characters, especially more information on the lead "Sabre" in each chronicle so that get a more complete picture of him as the series continues. Looking forward to book X with even greater enthusiasm