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Michelle Muto
Latest book: Don't Fear the Reaper. Published September 24, 2011. (4.64 from 11 reviews)

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  • Don't Fear the Reaper on Jan. 29, 2012

    After reading The Book Of Lost Souls, Michelle Muto became one of my favorite authors. Her books are funny and original, so i couldn't really say no to Don't Fear The Reaper. Don't Fear The Reaper is a lot darker than Book of Lost Souls but it keeps a light feeling when you read. We follow Keely's after death time, while she tries to find her sister and avoid going to hell accompanied by a reaper and a demon. I think the strongest aspect of the book are the characters. Don't get me wrong, the story is amazing. It has surprises, action, sad moments, funny moments..it's captivating and for me was impossible to not read all at once. In less than a day was done. But the characters....oh my... All three main characters are complex. And by that i don't mean difficult to understand. I mean they have full back-stories, depth and for every action they take and every opinion they have there is a reason. You see that their back-story, good or bad, is what made them take the decisions they do. Keely is a little strange. At first i couldn't really connect with her, because on how different POV of my life i have. But due time, when things explained i could understand her. And the fact, that she learns and grow as a person means a lot. It's a progress that makes sense. She is also a really strong girl, which kick ass when she wants and that makes her more awesome. She might took her life, but she is learning and standing up at her feet again..even if it's afterlife. Then we have our reaper and demon. Both of them are awesome! They are the most weird duo ever! Banning (the reaper) is a real badass! And who said a reaper is a bad guy? He is protective, clever, reasonable sympathetic but when its needed can be harsh too. It's impossible to not like him. And lastly it's Daniel. A demon with heart and honor? I don't say he doesn't do tricky or bad things. It's his nature, but he is also a good guy who doesn't afraid to sacrifice things for what he thinks it's right.He truly is the guy who will do bad for good. + I do have a soft spot for the name "Daniel". What else can i say? I know i just fell in love with one more book by Michelle Muto and i can't wait to read the rest of the series. I recommend the series to everyone who like YA.