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  • The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds: Volume 1 on Sep. 11, 2011

    David Bruce (named Bruce David Bruce by a wag of an uncle, as he tells us in his introduction) has penned a series of feel-good books about both celebrities and ordinary folks who do good deeds. With so much negativity in the world these days, it's nice to be reminded that there is still kindness out there. These books have inspired me to take a closer look at how I treat others. A compliment, a simple "Thank you," even just a smile could brighten someone's day. We don't all have to be heroes or go overboard. Just start small, and you'll find that you like helping others feel better about themselves. I've gotten all of the books I can by this author, and will be looking for more as they continue to come out.
  • DEAD: The Special Edition Compendium on Sep. 10, 2012

    The very best zombie stories are *not* about the zombies. They are about the survivors. I think that most readers of post-apocalyptic fiction secretly imagine themselves in that situation and wonder, "What would I do if it happened to me?" I know I do! Zombies (nuclear war, alien invasion, natural disaster, etc.) are merely the backdrop against which human tragedies and triumph play out. That being said... I am addicted to this author's books! With his Dead series in full swing, Mr. Brown has created a Zombie Apocalypse universe that's stuffed with realistic, likable characters. Of course there are also villains, some of whom are utterly despicable. This volume contains the first three books in the series, along with new material. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy this book, and immerse yourself in a fantastic story!