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To know me, you have to start from the beginning. And let’s face it – that’s why you’re even reading this part – to get to know the personal, the open, the real - ME. Well, my life began in ‘89, but my story about email & internet marketing began in '01.

Toledo Christian, you can even look me up in the year book. That year, I had a teacher name Mr. Killes. He was kind of quirky. His teaching method: Everyone is an idiot and that’s perfect. A clean slate to learn the ONE and ONLY method you need to succeed. I laughed when it popped up on the projector screen.

But contrary to my laughing, in less than 60 days (and only 35 mins each day), he taught a class of 32 kids how to expertly take apart and build any computer, motherboard, how to solder wires – you name it. How did we ALL (not 1 person failed) learn so perfectly?

Well, on the 1st day, Mr. Killes told me, if you read 100 manuals, you have 100 ways to build the same thing. Some manuals tell you to start from the top, and others from the bottom. Either is right, you only get into trouble when you look at another manual. You soon become confused and begin to wonder if you are doing it right. And he was right! What did I learn through all this? IF YOU JUST FOLLOW ONE PERSON’S INSTRUCTIONS 100% - YOU’LL SUCCEED EXACTLY LIKE THEY DID.

His other nack? Mr. Killes always talked about Internet Marketing (IM) and how he could quit his teaching position any day, I never believed him. I don’t think anyone really did. Now Mr. Killes did some very crazy things with computers that I still cannot believe to this day. And this is even taking into account the new developments in this day and age with holograms, self-driving cars & (cross fingers) some teleportation if the government deems the public so lucky. And every day Mr. Killes would evangelize about IM.

Who’s going to believe that an under-paid teacher, holed up in a small forgotten school, in Ohio, is rich? Well, that is until I saw his bank account one day. It was just for a moment, amongst the dozen other tabs and windows open, but it was clear as day. A BoA statement with just over 200K in it, which today is like your kid’s teacher accidentally opening their bank account on the projector and you see closer to half a million dollars in it! Yeah, crazy, right? So, I picked up my gaping jaw, and I took ONE THING from him that year – Internet Marketing is where the money is at!

It was just a couple years later I started with reading Internet Marketing’s Insider Secrets by Corey Rudl (R.I.P.) in college, I spent $2.500 on that course. It was every single dollar I ever made as a kid. I literally was betting everything on what Mr. Killes told me in our 6th period computer lab, the final day I said goodbye to him. He pulled me aside and prepped me for college. The words burned in my mind like a scar. If you want to be smart broke, be an engineer, if you want to be dumb rich, be an internet marketer.

I never got the smart/dumb part. Always thought you had to be smart to be in IM – HAHAHA!!!

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