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  • A Knight of the Sacred Blade on Sep. 12, 2012

    Book two in the Tower of Endless Worlds series. It and book one are both entertaining reads. That's the plus. The author is capable of good writing. That's a second plus. The negative is the large number of easily correctable writing errors that the author has in the text. There are numerous "wrong words". It is as if the manuscript was written with spell check set to "auto correct" and as if the auto corrections were not checked to be sure the computer picked the correct word. An example is "had" for "and". The are also missing words and in some cases double words. This is distracting to the reader and detracts from the flow of the story being told. All that said, Moeller is still one of my favorite e-book authors. I just wish he'd proof read his finished works more carefully before publishing them. With modern word processors simple errors like the ones mentioned above should be very easy to correct if the book were edited and proofed prior to sale.