hey guys, i'm a student in the 808 state, majoring in chem and hating that one class that turned the passion of a subject into meticulous torture. so i'm thinking of switching majors.

i've done a lot of bad things and mistakes in my life, but just like rihanna's boob says, 'never a mistake, always a lesson' right? i'm just keeping my head up, and living life, taking everything as it comes, and hoping that i'll be happy in the end.

i really really really have always wanted to write a book, but i never had the motivation to finish, i would often think of story lines and characters, but they would never finish living their lives, because i lose the inspiration.

but that's gonna change now.

this spring break will change my life, again, and hopefully for the best so far.

it's really nice for anyone to read this, so thank you :)!

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  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on March 18, 2010

    Although I haven't even finished my first attempt at an ebook, I find this full of inspiration. In a world where we are able to access anything so easily, it only serves to provide up and coming authors with chances to spread their words even farther across the globe. Thanks Mark!