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Smashwords book reviews by M K

  • The Complete Monster Exchange Program on Dec. 24, 2012
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    The following review is based on the ebook edition of "The Complete Monster Exchange Program" from a librarything.com giveaway. -- The Complete Monster Exchange program is a comedic anthology of interconnected stories centering around human and "monster" (read: anything vaguely sentient that isn't human) students in a high school with a "monster exchange program." For the most part, the book is hilarious, creative and laughably ridiculous, but there were also times when I found it so outrageous that I had to force myself to keep reading. I loved the concept and much of the ludicrous humor (it's really a shame that you don't see this kind of funny in most books), but it really was too outrageous at times, and I wasn't particularly keen on the abundance of sex-related dialogue. I would probably recommend this book to readers in their late teens (16+) who think it might be fun to share a school with a bunch of monsters (I certainly do!) and are interested in a farcical twist on typical high school stories.