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Zia Marie is the author's pen name. She writes young adult fiction but doesn't really have a genre preference because she likes to experiment. Plus, she likes to do what she wants to do. She'll tell you that her first few books were a struggle in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, but she's doing better.

She loves writing but knows that she is not writing award-winning literature and fiction. That's not the point for her, and she most certainly does not want or expect her work to make it on to classroom reading lists. And she's in no danger of this happening. If you want something that will be exalted as a classic for years to come, she definitely is not for you.

She hopes to win some of you over but not all of you. She'll do a lot of things badly. There's cursing and violence sometimes. In the books, she means. Sometimes she writes in sentence fragments. And short sentences (like two words occasionally). Her sentences won't be complex.

She'll try her best at writing romance into stories but she's terrible at it. She is NOT a true romance writer in any sense of the word. But damn it, she'll try. She writes cliffhangers occasionally. She doesn't believe in happy endings, just proper ones.

She just wants to entertain. She doesn't feed into negativity because she's having too good of a time and that's all she's here for. She just wants to get the stories out of her head. And put them in yours if you're open to that sort of thing.

If you're okay with all of this, you're probably her target audience.

Talk to her on email: ziamariebooks@gmail.com or Good Reads.

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