John Kennedy


Native New Mexican. Raised in Gallup. BA University of Arizona 1966 MBA University of Phoenix 2002. Grew up in the trading business. Started my own trading operation in 1982 supplying Fortune 500 accounts including major national parks and Disney. Owned several other businesses in Gallup including retail sports, athletic club, trade newspaper, and other retail. Left the trading business in late 90s to return for an MBA. Presently employed as a software sales manager living in Albuquerque. Married to Sheila (also from Gallup). Six kids and twelve grandkids. Writing is a strong interest of mine. I have published A Good Trade: Three Generations of Trading in and around the Indian Capital Gallup, New Mexico as well as Shalako Ceremony at Zuni Pueblo: Events and Protocol. Scheduled for release in 2012 is Coyote: David Chethlahe Paladin.

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