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  • Star Wars: Awakening on March 28, 2012

    I normally give constructive criticism when providing feedback, but this author felt compelled to murder Star Wars with his book, so I will likewise be brutally honest with my review. To begin, the dialogue felt like something I might read from an 8th grader's creative writing assignment. Grammar mistakes throughout even the first chapter, not to mention a simplistic writing style. Though the author might have problem's with Lucas' prequels, he failed miserably with this attempt to "re-envision" the storyline. George Lucas's canon is untouchable, and should not even be attempted to recreate, simply because you're not George Lucas. He imagined the Star Wars universe, prequels included, years before anyone knew what it was, therefore his interpretation of the story will always be the best interpretation. Perhaps if this book was well-written, or even semi-decent, I might have given it a better rating/review. I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to anyone, Star Wars fan or not. It's just not a good book. I feel that the author should try and better his writing skills and focus on another subject before creating another book, but not a Star Wars book.